Sunday, March 6, 2011

AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer

Code: 8720

EPA registered
Made in U.S.A.

Price: Normal RM39.80 Now RM 29.90
AutoMax NFE is so concentrated, each bottle (120ml) can treat 600L of fuel. With average fuel savings of 15%, you save 90L of fuel worth RM171.00 (RM1.90/L)!
15% x 600L = 90L
90L x RM1.90 = RM171.00

YOU GAIN RM131.20!
RM171.00 - RM39.80 (Normal Price) = RM131.20

Code: 8721

EPA registered
Made in U.S.A.
Price: Normal RM6.90 Now RM6.50
NOW AVAILABLE IN 20ML PACK, specially for MOTORCYCLES! Dosage: 5 drops to 1L of fuel. For higher cc motorcycles, use 1/4 bottle to 10L of fuel. 1 bottle treats up to 100L of fuel!

AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer (NFE) is the only liquid nanotechnology and multi-functional fuel additive that delivers immediate and dramatic results! It:
Saves fuel up to 28% - Varies from 8% - 28%, depending on engines, road and traffic conditions, climate and driving habits
Increases engine power up to 20% - Enhances combustion for a smoother-running engine with quicker acceleration and increased power
Eliminates engine knocks & extends engine life - By keeping the combustion chamber clean, it eliminates engine knocks and helps maintain a quiet and smooth-running engine for a longer time
Saves on maintenance - A cleaner engine prolongs life expectancy of the oil filter, engine oils last at least twice longer, thus reduces maintenance costs
Reduces harmful emissions up to 98% - Resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment

Perfect for all types of vehicles and engines - both new and old! 

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